My friend who is currently going through the adoption processes let me in on this gal who is also going through the process to adopt a little girl. Here’s what she said:

“Hi Friends,

As part of our adoption journey we’ve been able to connect with some amazing people who are also going through this process.  One of these family’s is the Deckers (Shelley and Robert).  They are just a few numbers behind us on the girl’s waiting list!  In an effort to raise funds for their adoption she started making hair accessories for girls.  Her website is below and is full of adorable, affordable cute accessories.  Some of you may not have girls yet, but I figure we all go to baby showers and need fun gift ideas.
For those of you who already have a barrette maker in your life, feel no pressure to switch- this is just a great way to help a family through the process of adoption!”

Also feel free to check out their blog for more information at http://asisterforthebean.blogspot.comHer website is full of cute, CUTE barrettes (some crocheted!) for GREAT prices.  BUT, on top of that (and helping a GREAT cause), through tomorrow, March 27, 2009 she is offering a buy 3 get the 4th free—-with no limit!!!  She also takes off the tax for shipping for that item.  What a great deal!!!  Go check her out!!!



I got these codes for free Redbox movie rentals—and they don’t expire as far as I understand!  I apologize because I cannot remember what website I found these on.  Here they are:

Use these codes for a free DVD rental at any local Redbox.

Simply use code: SHPNSVE2 or REDBOX.or BREAKROOM or DVDONME.

These are ongoing codes. They can be used once per debit/credit card, so you can rent more than one for free by using different cards!

Okay, so I’m in love!!!  And no, not just with my husband!  The only way I shop is when there’s a sale, and I mean a GOOD sale!  So, now I no longer have to search for the sales myself!!!  I know, I keep using exclamation marks, but I can’t help myself, I’m so excited for this freedom!!! ;D  So here she is, Deal Seeking Mom.  You can sign up to get her daily emails.  She is GREAT about explaining how things work, and she will reply back to any questions you may leave in the comments section.  Here’s a taste in what she does.  These are current deals she’s posted:

5 Freebie Coupons to Print Before Your Next Mall Trip

$5/$20 or $10/$30 Rite Aid Coupon, Good 2/20 and 2/21

Print these coupons to save $5 off $20 at Rite Aid or $10 off $30 at Rite Aid!

It’s only good Friday, February 20th, and Saturday, February 21st, so check out this week’s deals and head to your closest store!

Lowe’s: $10 off $50 Printable Coupon, Exp. 3/2/09

And those are just a TASTE for you!  I’m addicted!!!  Here’s to Le Dolce Vita and a little less stress!  Thank you Deal Seeking Mom!!!

Okay, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for you all.  Especially after my bog on aprons, and all of their great uses!!!  Check out Simple Mom’s giveaway

This is the apron you could win!

This is the apron you could win!

TODAY for a chance to win an apron from The Little Room !  All you need to do is follow the Simple MOM link above and reply to her article about your favorite household chore—I know, you may need to think hard! ;D

Now maybe you can get of making one for yourself (if you haven’t already).  Good luck!

Do you hate it when you see a business card drawing, or someone wants to get your contact info. but you’re “just a mom”, and so don’t have a business card?  I had never thought of this idea, but I LOVE it!!!  Simple Mom is doing a giveaway for “mom cards” from Angie Warren Designs, they’re business cards with your kids pictures on them and then your contact info.  How great is that?!  Get on today and enter for a chance to win—I did!  And, besides it being handy and you looking ON TOP OF YOUR GAME, who can ever find a pen AND an actual piece of paper to write that info. on in your purse anyway?!  Isn’t it most of the time on the corner of a napkin???  CLASSY…  I can pretty much guarantee that will be lost forever, but THIS, someone’s going to hold on to this card of cuteness… LOVE IT!!!

Here’s to Le Dolce Vita!!!

These are them!!!

These are them!!!