I LOVE my daily emails from Care2.  They’re totally customizable emails so you can select the tops that interest you and it emails you with any articles involving those topics daily.  It’s a must-read for me.  When you get the email it just gives you the topic title and a little glimmer into what the article is about—then, if you are interested, you can click on that article and read the full dish.  I am constantly learning new things and it gives me something to think about.

Lately on my mind has been health.  I WANT to lose that last 10lbs that I gained from my last pregnancy, but how bad do I REALLY want to lose it?!  Obviously not bad enough to say “no” to my kryptonite, chocolate.  But I DO want to lose it—bad, so why can’t I?  Why am I not more dedicated and disciplined?  I used to work out 2-3 times a week and be in great shape (pre-kids of course)—why is it so hard to put a little effort into it these days?  Well this article gave me something to think about—give it a read (click link below)—

Finding Your True Intention

It talks about giving yourself a REASON for setting a goal.  Something deeper than, “I want to get this weight off”.  Here’s a little tidbit to get you hungry for more (no pun intended):

“…go beneath the surface of our lives to find our true intentions, which are ‘based on saying yes to your deepest longings. Goals rooted in what really matters are far easier to keep than facile resolutions that roll off the surface, right down the drain.'”

How great is that?! THEN, it goes on to TELL us how to accomplish ALL the goals we have that we REALLY want:

“1. Write every goal you think you’d like to accomplish in the next 20 years. Write as fast as possible.

2. Then, write the number of years you want it to take (one, five, 10, or 20).

3. Circle the top four one-year goals that you want the most.

4. Write down some of the things you may need to do that you don’t want to in order to make these goals happen.

5. Choose the goal that you are willing to do the hard things for.”

I hope this inspires you to go get those things that REALLY matter!  Here’s to Le Dolce Vita (the good life)!