I love how simple cornhusk can add so much to a votive candle holder!  We are growing corn in our garden this year, and I am so excited to try this out!  Thank you for this idea, Martha!

Cornhusk Votives

Cornhusk Votives


Martha Stewart Living

Wrapped in dried cornhusks, votives cast a soft glow and serve as a reminder that corn was part of the first Thanksgiving feast.

Tools and Materials
Cutting mat
Utility knife
Dried cornhusks
Double-sided tape
Votive holders

Cornhusk Votives How-To
On a cutting mat, use a ruler and utility knife to cut the widest part of the dried cornhusks (available at crafts stores) to the height of your votive holders. Apply double-sided tape around a votive holder, about 1/4 inch from the bottom. Affix 2 or 3 cornhusks, overlapping the edges, to the holder. Finish by tying with a ribbon.