I LOVE this craft, what a great gift or craft to do for your kids!!!  I will definitely add this to my list of crafts to make soon!!!  Thanks lovelydesign for this tutorial!

“homemade children’s books

These books are so incredibly simple and quick to make that I hope maybe you will make some for your little ones, too. They’d be great to kept in a small bag along with some crayons, ready for when you go out to a restaurant or coffee shop. Hopefully they can keep little ones occupied for even a short while!

monkey and dolphin books in + out by you.

Lately I’ve been wondering what to give to Adelaide’s little friends at her birthday party this coming Sunday. I really am not fond of purchasing items that are eventually going to end up in a dumpster somewhere, and so I wanted to try to give the children something that hopefully they will be able to use and enjoy beyond a sunday afternoon birthday party. And I also wanted to try and make the goodies myself using inexpensive materials that I had on hand.

Because I’ve had several parents ask me about Adelaide’s favourite crayons – a kind of children’s wax and oil based crayon from Japan – I got the idea to give out small packs of these crayons in the birthday goodie bags. And then I realised that I could make small children’s scribbler books to go along with them!

To make the scribble books, I first scanned in some animals from the pages of one of Adelaide’s colouring books that I picked up at Daiso for $2 but it is completely unmarked besides pictures and a bit of Japanese text. I wish that I made the illustrations myself – they are so very sweet! However, I did not due to lack of time and because these little books are for gifts and won’t be sold.

note-books for first scribbles by you.

After scanning in several animals – Monkeys, Dolphins, Squirrels, Lions, Otters, and Penguins – I made a layout simply in photoshop using the typefaces Giddyup and Neutraface. And I added alphabets in both capital and lower-case letters on the back cover, too. Once Designed, I printed out on my desktop printer many covers onto random coloured card stock pages.
For the insides, I chose simple multi-coloured paper, along with some kraft, manila, and interlined paper as well. I randomly sorted them in stacks of 8 sheets, and along with a cover folded them in half to make 16 page books. Then, using a long-armed stapler (which I simply asked to borrow from my mom’s work for a few days) I stapled the center fold line of each book twice.

I then added a length of librarian’s book tape to the spine. With an xacto knife, I measured out 3/4″ from the spine edge of the cover and marked two small marks with the blade. Then matching up the edge of the tape to the marks I laid the tape down, and then flipped and pressed it to the backside of the book. Last, using my Fiskars rotary paper cutter, I trimmed down the books to their final size – about 5×7″- and rounded the corners with my corner rounder. All Done!”

Hopefully this will give you a fun craft to do before you go on vacations this summer!