Wondering what price of house you can actually afford to look at (and still have money to live comfortably)?  Well I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey’s, and after going through his Financial Peace class, I feel like I took a little knowledge from it.  We live off our income only, and have one credit card for emergencies only (i.e. our debit card isn’t working for security purposes—is it me or are there more and more security breaches every day?!)…and the occasional cc perks I suppose.  I digress, ANYWAY, after getting ourselves into a house that we could afford fine when we purchased it, but didn’t think ahead (like to having kids—too bad we were pregnant and didn’t know it!)…once we are able to sell our house, we want to be SURE what our monthly payments will be—WITHOUT having to rely on our realtor’s integrity to tell us what we can afford (instead of what they’d like to sell).  So, I discovered Dave’s mortgage calculator and I loved it!  I had to bookmark it on here for you all to use as well.

Here’s to Le Dolce Vita for YOU!