Okay, so I have to admit, I’m not really a “normal” girl when it comes to receiving flowers.  I’d much rather have the cash, thanks.  I mean, you spend a fortune and they last a few days.  I’d rather have you pick them out of the garden for me! BUT, if I’m going to have flowers for an occassion at my house, or for a wedding (GORGEOUS!!) THIS is the way I’d do it!!!  I love, love, LOVE this idea and needed to be sure I bookmarked it for my memory.  So here it is, and once again from Martha herself!!!  And, if you’re more of the visual type, check out this link for the video of this in action!

Glittered Roses

Sorry, I had to create a picture out of their video so you could see a pic.

Sorry, I had to create a picture out of their video so you could see a pic.


Martha Stewart Show

Try one of these three easy techniques to glitter roses for a one-of-a-kind way to give flowers this Valentine’s Day:

1. Glitter an entire rose by diluting white glue in a spray bottle with water. Your mixture should be equal parts water and glue, with the consistency of milk.

2. Glitter the edges of a rose by thinning white glue just a bit and applying to the tips of a flower with the side of small round paintbrush. Your diluted white glue should be the consistency of house paint.

3. Create a dewdrop effect on a rose by applying Martha Stewart Crafts all-purpose gel adhesive to the flower in rounded droplet shapes.

Wrapping Roses
To wrap your glitter roses, simply use cellophane. Begin by laying down 2 strips of cellophane to make a cross shape. Add more strips of cellophane to create an asterisk, or star shape. Slide you hands underneath all the layers of cellophane, and bring them up toward the sides of your bouquet. Finish by securing the cellophan

Oh, and by the way, they did say it does NOT cause the roses to wilt faster!!!