I was recently turned on to this new blog called Organizing Your Way, she had a post about “Decorating to Declutter”.  I’m all about decluttering and tips on how to do this.  But what I loved most about this was her great pictures, they inspire me for the “one day” home I hope to “someday” decorate.  Take a look at this.  Would this wallpaper be hard to keep clean?  Probably, but I guess it doesn’t matter since my husband doesn’t like it…

source: Patrick Q

“Maximizing Your Space

If you’ve ever visited an Ikea store in person, you’ve probably seen the displays that show how you can transform 450 square feet into a fully functional home – with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living area – simply by choosing the correct furniture and shelving that maximizes your space.”

I’m going to have to remember that next time I’m shopping for these things!

However, I must add, she had great little tips on how to manage life, YOUR way.  She says if you don’t do it your way, it won’t last—I love that!!!