Alright, so every so often I’ll hear a great grocery shopping tip, and think, “I should do that”, but it always passes by without ever being tested.  I thought I would get you some ideas in this post and my next to follow, that will no doubt save time and loads of money!

The first idea I’ve heard is making a notepad yourself (print/copy dozens of sheets with this info. on it and bind/staple/glue/tape/clip them together or even in a 3-ring binder).  Hang this pad on your refrigerator or somewhere conveniently located so that once you notice an item is running low, you can easily mark it off (don’t you always INTEND to write it down, and then always forget until you need it and it’s gone?!)

On the page:

  • Grocery Store Name
  • A list of isle numbers
  • All items you purchase listed below
  • blank space next to each item to be checked off when needed

Then, when you need an item, you simply check it off.  This makes for quick, in and out shopping.  And you won’t forget anything on the isle!!!

GRANTED, this is for the faithful shopper.  Which I have to admit, I am not… I shop where the sales are.  BUT, I do have 2 that I typically do shop since they have the best deals most of the time.  However, most likely the same products would be on the same isles at each store.  One idea would be to put what isle at what store.

Also, on this sheet if you typically buy some items at a wholesale warehouse (Costco, Sams, etc.), you could have the bottom half of the sheet with a check list of those items as well.  However, if your warehouse is like mine, they do rearrange items regularly.  Maybe just putting those items in a similar category—since they will still keep those items near each other no matter where they are in the store.

So here’s a list to get you started.  Look for my next post coming soon about saving the big bucks on your groceries!  I’m researching and I’ll get you all the goods!

AND, if this list doesn’t work for you, I’ve found a site that will type up and print your list for you from

Here’s to Le Dolce Vita!