Ever feel overwhelmed with ALL you need to do—and feel you never get to the cleaning?!  I do—all the time!  So I was thankful for the book, The Queen of Clean, A Queen For All Seasons, by Linda Cobb.  My friend from my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group let me barrow it because she’s always giving such great tips out of it!  So I began looking at the book today and in the very beginning she discusses the whens and whats of cleaning—perfect for me!  I do well when I have a list of when to do what, do you?

Well, I thought I’d share this with you for anyone who’s needing the same help.  She then goes into further detail for each month on what to do—isn’t that great?!  Well we’ll start with what to do and when, and see if I can get that much first!  So, here we go:

Daily Duties:

Make beds.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Hang up clothes.

Clean up spills.

Wash dishes.

Wipe counters and stovetop.

Twice Weekly:

Vacuum Carpets!


Sweep hardwood floors.

Dust hard furniture.

Dust knickknacks.

Do the laundry.

Change sheets.

Clean sinks.

Clean showers and tubs.

Clean the toilet.

Clean bathroom mirrors.

Empty trash cans, put out garbage.  (Clean the trash can if odor remains.)

Sweep porch, patio and doormats.


Vacuum stairs

Dust TV/VCR/stereos, etc.


Replace the bag on your vacuum.

Vacuum upholstery.

Clean makeup brushes and sponges.

Clean hairbrushes and combs.

Vacuum drapes.

Clean mirrors.

Vacuum or dust blinds and shutters.

Dust ceiling fans.

Dust woodwork and dust down any cobwebs.

Wash kitchen and bathroom area rugs.

Vacuum carpet edges.

Check hard floors and re-wax heavy traffic areas if needed.

Clean ou the refrigerator.

Spot clean the kitchen cabinet fronts.

Clean the fronts of stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

Check the furnace filter: change or clean if needed.

Hose off entry mats.

Sweep out the garage.


Sweep or wash the walkways and driveways.

Change or clean the furnace filter.

Wipe off lightbulbs as you dust (be sure they are cool).

Look over knickknacks and wash or thoroughly clean any that require more than dusting.

Flip the cushions on chairs and sofas for even wear.

Clean humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Twice a Year:

It’s got to be done: clean the oven.

Clean stove hood and/or exhaust fan.

Check the contents of freezer for things that are past their freshness.  Clean freezer.

Turn the mattresses on beds.

Wash any plastic, vinyl or leather furniture.

Clean scatter rugs.

Dust books on shelves, making sure to dust shelves under the books.

Vacuum the heat registers and cold air returns.

Vacuum under furniture.

Check silverware and clean if necessary.

Replace that little box of baking soda in the refrigerator.

Dust all the things you haven’t been able to reach all year long.

Clean bedspreads and slipcovers.

Clean closets as you change seasonal clothes.


Wash blankets and comforters.

Dust down walls.

Wash walls (every 2 years).

Strip any waxed floors and re-wax

Wash all windows and screens.

Wash or dry-clean drapery.

Move and clean under and behind large items.

Wash blinds.

Clean carpet and upholstery.

Clean any areas you have avoided all year long.

Have the air conditioner checked and cleaned.

Have the furnace checked and cleaned.

Sorth through the medicine cabinet, clean it, and organize and discard old medicine.

Clean out kitchen cupboards, wash and reorganize.

Replace the batteries in smoke detectors and other safety devices.

Check the batteries in flashlights.

Clean rain gutters.

Wash all exterior windows.

If you have a chimney, clean it.”

And there is your annual check list from The Queen of Clean!