Are you like me, do you have a million things to get done, yet at the end of the day you feel you don’t have much to show for your day?  I have so much to accomplish, and although I do get things done, when my husband comes home he wouldn’t know it, nor probably does he believe it (although he’d never admit it—he’s a good man!)

I was once again reading Simple Mom along with a few of her links to other sights referring to having a schedule.  Yes, I have a “schedule”, but I fail to write it down.  I’ve tried doing this on the computer, but with kids, I don’t find myself in front of it enough for it to be reminding me to get going.  I used to have a planner that I would organize my day by what would fit together.  Like, “okay I’ll be downstairs so I can do this, this, and this while I’m there…” so on and so forth.  I felt like I was able to maximize my tasks this way.  Maybe a should take note from my pre-baby days, along with Simple Mom and the many others out there who say I need to write it out!  Okay, so here I go…

Take a look at Simple Mom’s “Daily Docket” example.  I liked this idea for organization rather than just having everything on a list.

I took that idea and then made a spreadsheet of my own for the week.  This way I can look at my weekly tasks, and sometimes each day’s tasks have to get pushed to the next day (reality).  This is still new to me, but we’ll see how it goes.  Take a look

I’m always arranging my schedule for my changing life, so I’m always looking for new ideas.  Just yesterday Simple Mom was talking about “eating the frog first”, referring to doing the job you hate the most, first.  Interesting concept, but I’m still trying to decide what I hate most—-does getting out of bed count???