Photo by Jade Gedeon, courtesy of Simple MomSo I’d never really considered a compost until I read one of my daily reads from Simple Mom.  Although I am all about the green living, at this time I don’t have a garden, so I thought “why would I compost?”  and besides, the smell… Okay, well after reading her post today about making your own compost bin for WAY cheaper than you can buy one, I thought, “hey, I could do that!”, but the thing that really motivated me was that you can use it on your lawn too!  This last summer was a hot one and scorched my yard.  I’m dreading spring simply for the reason that I’m nervous to see what comes back, weeds included!  So…if I can start composting NOW, then this summer I will have a FREE compost/fertilizer for my yard to look beautiful!!! We’re hoping to put our house on the market by Spring, so this will only help our sale, and it won’t cost us a penny!  Do you have an extra plastic garbage can with a locking lid lying around that doesn’t get used all that often?  If so, you’re ready to go!!!  Follow the link above for instructions on how to achieve this for yourself. Oh, and the smell?  Well, you get to keep it outside in the FRESH air, so you won’t have to be inhaling your money saved! ;D Also, I have been told that with the lid on, it’s not stinky.  Think of the pride you will feel in your beautiful lawn/garden— and all the waste that you avoided!  Give yourself a pat on the back! Here’s to Le Dolce Vita!

For a more extensive list on what to and not to compost, go to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s site.

For information on creating a wormery-type compost, check out Worm Composting Basics.  This is a less smelly and quicker turn around compost option.

Here’s another site I found about making the same sort of composting bin.  BUT, it includes info. on ratios of brown to green (coffee grounds, paper, twigs, etc.).  Apparently this is important to know to help with the smell and breakdown.  Good to know, thanks Colleen Vanderlinden from