Alright readers, it’s time to take on the house.  It can be overwhelming (I know), but you have to start somewhere!  I feel like I can’t clean until things are picked up, and if I can’t ever find a place for everything, then things will never stay picked up (because where do they go?!).  And, if your house isn’t clean, you might not want to entertain.  Yes, I’m all for the “come to see me, not my house” theory, but you don’t want people so disgusted that they don’t want to use your bathroom or eat the food you cooked in THAT kitchen.  Right?!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out the “drop zone” the place where you come in the door and everything gets set down.  Do you have piles?!  Well FlyLady has plenty to say about these, but my sister-in-law gave me her Better Homes and Gardens January 2009 issue and I ATE it up!!!

There are tons of great ideas in here that I’ll share with you all later, but for now—here’s what I’ve got-

Set up a multi-purpose work center.

here’s what you will need:

  • stacking trays for things you want IN SIGHT and IN MIND (bills to pay, mail to go out)
  • filing box for things you will need to access regularly ie. receipts, school info, etc.
  • a charging station using a tray, dressed with a ribbon (so cute!), to store & charge your phone, BlackBerry, iPod, GPS, etc. –I love this idea!
  • catch-all.  They suggest going to a hardware store to find a toothbrush-and-tumbler holder (about $5) for pens and use S-hooks for keys to hang.
  • purse hook. Get a robe/towel hook to keep a bag/purse/jacket within easy reach to get out the door.
  • quarter-sheet pans.  Use these in the top shallow desk drawer(s)—if you are using a desk.  These can be used to store schook supplies, bill-paying tools (stamps, envelopes, checkbook, etc.), “grab-and-go” essentials ie. lint brush, lip balm, sewing kit, gum, etc.

Kids Work Center

A kid sized table can be neatly organized to store all your kids must-haves easily and still pleasant to the eyes.  Here’s another use for those awesome aprons I was talking about!

  • a canvas belt made for gardening tools (or a half-apron) make a great art supply (or any kid supplies—my son loves to drive his cars on his little table) holder.  Velcro the belt to the edge of the table and just tuck the straps behind the apron/belt.–so cute!