Okay, so I’ve painted and decorated every room in the house except for the master bedroom.  Why is it that we always care for ourselves last?!  So, after my husband commenting several times that he’d like our room to be next on the decorating list, I’ve made it my mission to do so.

After getting books from the library, and being threatened that if I didn’t return the book they were going to come after me, I’m at a standstill.  Will someone please tell me what would look romantic, but realistic (come on, I do have little kids who every morning crawl into bed with us with graham cracker covered hands)?!

So I’ve gone to the web.  I looked on The Daily News Online, and I enjoyed reading some of these perspectives.  Okay, so here we go:

  • “The key is to think of your house in its entirety and not just each room by itself…Otherwise it’s like you have these abrupt starts and stops from room to room… Direct the whole play, not just one scene.”
  • as a rule, darker colors look best in the biggest rooms with the most light, whereas lighter colors can brighten up a small, dark space like a narrow hallway or half bathroom.”
  • Maybe red is your color. Or blue. If you’re decision averse, choose only one color you like and use a little of it, painted in different shades or techniques, through the entire house“—WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!
  • If you’re using just one color, try it on an accent wall in one room”–I think I may do this…(then) take it into the kitchen on the backsplash. In another room, the entire room is painted that color. While it’s the same color, it will look different in different spaces… because of the lighting and architecture.”
  • a black wall is sophisticated and calming…It translates into simple elegance.“–Hmm…would this look good in a master bedroom with 2 windows on that wall?  What about if I have browns in the family room next door?
  • One tip to keep in mind: Make sure all the colors you use have all warm or cool undertones. Warm colors look sunnier and often contain more yellow undertones, while cooler colors appear icier and have more blue undertones. Having the same undertones keeps a house from looking disjointed.”
  • Different undertones also affect how pale or glowing you look in a room. For example, a peach room is flattering for almost everyone, while a green room can make even the rosiest face appear under the weather”— Good to know!
  • don’t think white is an easy fallback noncolor. White also contains warm and cool undertones. And the choices can be just as numerous and mind-numbing and selecting any white willy-nilly could prove disastrous. You could find that china white makes you look dead and studio white makes you look cheap”’But dove white makes you look 10 years younger.”

Oh, the pressure well with these tips I will begin to search the “oops paint” sections of our hardware store.  Did I mention I never pay full price for anything?!

Maybe navy, according to Patricia Gray, it’s the new black!

Love the blue!

Love the blue!