There she is, the FLYLady Herself...

There she is, the FLYLady Herself...

Okay, so for the past 5 1/2 years that I have been married I have tried to figure out how to make my husband clean up after himself. ;D  After I realized that this was a mountain I could not climb, I resorted to a messy house.  I would be burnt out by the end of the day, especially with kids whose only job is to make messes and see just how much of the floor they can cover with toys.  I was outnumbered, what could I do?

This decision has taken its toll on me, made me tired, grumpy and drained.  This isn’t the life I signed up for, and I didn’t feel that I had to live it.  I loved my family, couldn’t I love myself and my life too?!

And so, a saving grace… FlyLady!  She lovingly showed me that I could do it… little by little.  Okay, I will not be showing pictures of my sparkly clean house anytime soon, but at least it’s presentable.  I do hope some day to have a clean, minimalist house.  But I think I’ll have to wait at least until my 10 month old can help sing the “clean-up” song…

I’m still working on all the techniques, and definitely don’t have time to read all of the emails she sends me to remind me that my house is still messy, but I love the ideas, tips, and encouragement.  I strive to BE FlyLady, and hopefully someday I will!

Okay, so the day one tip for cleaning- “go clean your sink”.  She says if your sink is clean, it will make you feel a little lighter and you’ll be able to see that shine!!!  I do try to do that several times a week—now I just need some encouragement to clean my tub.  But my favorite tip that she does is she tells me to declutter for 15 mintues at a time, and then stop!  I can spare 15 minutes, it’s not too overwhelming, and boy does it make a difference!

I recently heard of the Queen of Clean.  Have you heard of her?  I just checked her out and excited to see if I can get any tidbits of advice from her.  Okay, here’s one I just read—

Kitchen Cupboards
Bookends hold up and control cookie and muffin sheets in the cupboard. Storing the sheets and tins this way — on their sides — makes it very easy to find what you need and put things away when you’re finished.”

I’m always looking, send me any bits you have!

To Le Dolce Vita!