January 2009

Ever feel overwhelmed with ALL you need to do—and feel you never get to the cleaning?!  I do—all the time!  So I was thankful for the book, The Queen of Clean, A Queen For All Seasons, by Linda Cobb.  My friend from my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group let me barrow it because she’s always giving such great tips out of it!  So I began looking at the book today and in the very beginning she discusses the whens and whats of cleaning—perfect for me!  I do well when I have a list of when to do what, do you?

Well, I thought I’d share this with you for anyone who’s needing the same help.  She then goes into further detail for each month on what to do—isn’t that great?!  Well we’ll start with what to do and when, and see if I can get that much first!  So, here we go:

Daily Duties:

Make beds.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Hang up clothes.

Clean up spills.

Wash dishes.

Wipe counters and stovetop.

Twice Weekly:

Vacuum Carpets!


Sweep hardwood floors.

Dust hard furniture.

Dust knickknacks.

Do the laundry.

Change sheets.

Clean sinks.

Clean showers and tubs.

Clean the toilet.

Clean bathroom mirrors.

Empty trash cans, put out garbage.  (Clean the trash can if odor remains.)

Sweep porch, patio and doormats.


Vacuum stairs

Dust TV/VCR/stereos, etc.


Replace the bag on your vacuum.

Vacuum upholstery.

Clean makeup brushes and sponges.

Clean hairbrushes and combs.

Vacuum drapes.

Clean mirrors.

Vacuum or dust blinds and shutters.

Dust ceiling fans.

Dust woodwork and dust down any cobwebs.

Wash kitchen and bathroom area rugs.

Vacuum carpet edges.

Check hard floors and re-wax heavy traffic areas if needed.

Clean ou the refrigerator.

Spot clean the kitchen cabinet fronts.

Clean the fronts of stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

Check the furnace filter: change or clean if needed.

Hose off entry mats.

Sweep out the garage.


Sweep or wash the walkways and driveways.

Change or clean the furnace filter.

Wipe off lightbulbs as you dust (be sure they are cool).

Look over knickknacks and wash or thoroughly clean any that require more than dusting.

Flip the cushions on chairs and sofas for even wear.

Clean humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Twice a Year:

It’s got to be done: clean the oven.

Clean stove hood and/or exhaust fan.

Check the contents of freezer for things that are past their freshness.  Clean freezer.

Turn the mattresses on beds.

Wash any plastic, vinyl or leather furniture.

Clean scatter rugs.

Dust books on shelves, making sure to dust shelves under the books.

Vacuum the heat registers and cold air returns.

Vacuum under furniture.

Check silverware and clean if necessary.

Replace that little box of baking soda in the refrigerator.

Dust all the things you haven’t been able to reach all year long.

Clean bedspreads and slipcovers.

Clean closets as you change seasonal clothes.


Wash blankets and comforters.

Dust down walls.

Wash walls (every 2 years).

Strip any waxed floors and re-wax

Wash all windows and screens.

Wash or dry-clean drapery.

Move and clean under and behind large items.

Wash blinds.

Clean carpet and upholstery.

Clean any areas you have avoided all year long.

Have the air conditioner checked and cleaned.

Have the furnace checked and cleaned.

Sorth through the medicine cabinet, clean it, and organize and discard old medicine.

Clean out kitchen cupboards, wash and reorganize.

Replace the batteries in smoke detectors and other safety devices.

Check the batteries in flashlights.

Clean rain gutters.

Wash all exterior windows.

If you have a chimney, clean it.”

And there is your annual check list from The Queen of Clean!


Valentine’s Day is coming up, have you thought of what to give your family?  Winkflash is having a special through February 10th with 40%off some of their cards and items!  One of my favorite photo gifts, and those of others is a magnet.  They look so nice, and it’s something people keep up forever!  I also get raves when I send out photo cards—it’s so much more personal than just writing.

When I had my first child my mother in law was caught saying that she wished her daughter would send photo cards out for holidays like I did… ;Dwinkflash-cards

To see a list of all their deals and prices, just click on the link above.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Okay, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for you all.  Especially after my bog on aprons, and all of their great uses!!!  Check out Simple Mom’s giveaway

This is the apron you could win!

This is the apron you could win!

TODAY for a chance to win an apron from The Little Room !  All you need to do is follow the Simple MOM link above and reply to her article about your favorite household chore—I know, you may need to think hard! ;D

Now maybe you can get of making one for yourself (if you haven’t already).  Good luck!

Have you considered putting your house on the market, or is it already there and you’re wondering how to get it to sell?  Well, as with any sale (yourself, business, real estate, used items), you must make it stand out.  What is it about what YOU have to offer that is different from the rest?  If it’s the same as the others, they will pass on by until they find something that catches their eye.  Now, that doesn’t mean doing something crazy—that might just get them running in the opposite direction.  So, to help you, I have found a few tips from msn to help you out.

Online appeal- Most people these days are found searching on-line these days.  Make sure your photographs are at their best!!

First impressions- Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal—it can’t be imphasized enough.  Whether through a picture or not, that’s the first thing you see when you check out a house.  And, as we all know…first impressions are everything (no matter the situation).  “Does it need to have sand, dirt or pebbles swept clean?  Does it need to have leaves, cigarette butts or other debris cleaned up? Are there weeds or grass growing in the cracks and crevices of your curbs and sidewalks? Concrete curbs (sidewalks, driveways, etc.) that are badly cracked or broken should be replaced.  You’ll be amazed at how other things in your yard start taking on a much more attractive look.” — Curb Appeal

“If the house is small, remember if you plant your bushes and trees at the corners of the exterior the house appears much larger.” — B. Glass

“Curb appeal is huge, especially in the winter when sidewalks are icy and snow-covered. If you take time to shovel and salt your sidewalks, the home looks like it’s been taken care of even when the buyers can’t see the lawn under the foot of snow covering it. In the spring and summer, lawn ornaments are a no-no, and a quick driveway resealing is inexpensive and works wonders for the drive-by appearance of your house.” — Waddle

Keep it clean- Would YOU buy a house that was dirty???  The first thing I want to do is run out of there–epspecially when you can smell the dirt!  All I can think is, oh man, it will be soo much work to get this place cleaned up and ready to move in.  The last house I bought was heavily influenced because it stated in the discription (and was obviously so), meticulously clean.  This lady had an all white house (carpet, walls, decor), and I was so impressed.  Now, after purchasing it I realize how unrealistic white carpet is (especially with kids), but when you’re in awe, you just imagine living your life as they do (like maybe they’ll come clean your house for you…or maybe their cleanness will rub off on you if you buy the house—yeah right!). ““Clean: Believe it or not, this can make your home more valuable. Either do it yourself or hire a cleaning service to come in and deep-clean your house. Nobody buys a dirty shirt. Why would they buy a dirty house?” — mpharnish

I love this lady—““When we found out we were going to move, I followed the best advice given to us:  Make your house look like a very comfortable, expensive hotel room — clean, uncluttered and not like anyone else has ever been there. We rented a storage unit and moved close to 75% of our belongings into it, including everything in the attics, and cleared out the closets to only those clothes we would need in two weeks. We sold in one day, $5,000 above our asking price. … However, it took a lot of work. I literally cleaned the tracks of the windows with Q-tips — total craziness!” — anlatima

The smell factor- This you have to be careful about.  You don’t want strong scents that make people think you’re covering up something—or are offensive to people’s noses and want to get out.  You want, clean, airy and possibly slightly sweet smell in your house. ““As far as candles and cookies and such … you really can’t leave those things going in the house while you’re gone. So you have to count on cleanliness and clean-smelling things to do the trick while you’re away. No. 1: Don’t allow any smoking in the house while it’s on the market.  To help with other typical smells, I’d recommend the following. For the bathroom: Try swabbing the toilet daily with a little squirt of dishwashing liquid or clean-smelling shampoo. For the kitchen: Run some ice and dishwashing liquid in the garbage disposal daily. For carpets: Steam clean. Then steam clean again. I’d think that all things being equal, most folks could live with a paint color that wasn’t to their taste for a few months after moving in. But no one would pay top dollar for a house that appears ill-maintained and smells just plain weird!” — wecanhope

No surprises- “Operating costs: Have reasonably accurate information on the costs of your home taxes, annual heating bills, along with documentation of any recent major repairs or upgrades such as a new roof or new wiring or plumbing.” — Coldwell Banker Terrequity

Precision pricing- “What makes a home stand out is price. … This is a business deal. Price it right and then pray.” -– Grandpa Frank

Hopefully these tips will help you as you set out on your next venture in life.  Here is to Le Dolce Vita (the good life)!

Do you have a salty addiction?  I’d have to say I’m more of a sweet tooth myself, but when it comes to Fritos, I have a weakness.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this recipe for a Heathly Homemade Frito!  Check out this great recipe, I can’t wait to try it myself.  Not only saving my pocketbook, but maybe a few calories and preservatives as well.

1/2 cup organic, non-GMO yellow cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 3/4 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 450F degrees.

2. Combine cornmeal and salt in a mixing bowl. Pour in 1 cup of boiling water and stir, add olive oil. Add remaining 3/4 cup boiling water, while stirring constantly.

3. Drop mixture by heaping teaspoonfuls onto a well-greased baking sheet and press each one with the bottom of a glass. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes approximately 3 dozen chips.

Oh, and today, January 29th, is National Corn Chip Day—-so cheers to you!

Alright, lets face it…money’s tight.  I’m out of laundry stain remover and thought, hey, I could make some, right?!  So, I went on-line to search for a good, simple recipe.  Well,  good news—I found one for you all!!!

What do you do when the bar of soap is almost gone—annoying, isn’t it?!  Well, now you don’t have to waste it by tossing it, AND you don’t have to hold on to it just to keep from feeling guilty about wasting it.  I’ve got a solution!

Save those small pieces, along with any small bars of soap you might have (like from a hotel) in a jar.

When the jar is half full, add boiling water.

Mix soap and water until soap is melted.

Once cooled, this will create a soap jelly.

Rub the jelly on to pretreat stains, and let it sit until you get to it.

ANOTHER solution??  Try dish soap!  This works great when you can put it on immediately after contact, and then throw it into the basket until laundry day!  And don’t we all thank the Lord for that?!  Because who has time to wash right away?!

STILL looking for more solutions???  Try these:

Recipe #1

1 cup hot water
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide


  • Mix ingredients then store in spray bottles. Spot treat stains then soak overnight.

Recipe #2

2 quarts water
1/2 cup ammonia
2 TBS laundry detergent


  • Mix ingredients then store in spray bottles. Spot treat stains then soak overnight.
  • Do not use with bleach.

Hopefully these will help you save a little money and keep your clothes looking your best.  Because you deserve to live Le Dolce Vita!

Do you hate it when you see a business card drawing, or someone wants to get your contact info. but you’re “just a mom”, and so don’t have a business card?  I had never thought of this idea, but I LOVE it!!!  Simple Mom is doing a giveaway for “mom cards” from Angie Warren Designs, they’re business cards with your kids pictures on them and then your contact info.  How great is that?!  Get on today and enter for a chance to win—I did!  And, besides it being handy and you looking ON TOP OF YOUR GAME, who can ever find a pen AND an actual piece of paper to write that info. on in your purse anyway?!  Isn’t it most of the time on the corner of a napkin???  CLASSY…  I can pretty much guarantee that will be lost forever, but THIS, someone’s going to hold on to this card of cuteness… LOVE IT!!!

Here’s to Le Dolce Vita!!!

These are them!!!

These are them!!!

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